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Sushi Roll T-Shirt

Sushi Roll T-Shirt

There are two areas of life where freshness is a necessity:

  1. sushi
  2. your wardrobe

Would you eat sushi that wasn’t fresh? No! We all know the dangers of eating a sketchy tuna roll and it just ain’t worth it. So why would you rock anything but the freshest threads?

Get these concepts on the same level in your mind right now! It could change your whole game in one move.

drunkMall previously featured a sushi roll sweater which crushed for many of our readers, so now that the weather is getting warmer we wanted to make sure you had a more seasonal alternative to get those same results.

Throw out that grocery store assembly line t-shirt and hook yourself up with a line caught, premium grade, bluefin tee – all over-printed with HDP technology right here in America!

Order up!

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