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Boardless Skateboard

Boardless Skateboard

Tired of busting your ass trying to learn how to ride a skateboard?

Why not try busting your ass trying to learn how to ride this instead?!

Orbitwheel skates are basically just a pair of oversized loops that you step your feet into and ride sideways as you would a skateboard. So, it’s a lot like riding a skateboard without the board part!

This is great because there are only so many ways you can fall off a skateboard. Forwards, backwards, racking yourself by landing on the board vertically, etc. Orbitwheels presents a whole new world of painful possibilities!

In all seriousness, if you know a kid that likes to ride skateboards then they can probably handle this with no problem. drunkMall is a site for adults who like to get drunk and buy things online, so we just want to make sure that most of you are being realistic about this particular item…

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