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Portable Shot Glass Keychain

Portable Shot Glass Keychain

A party can break out anywhere at anytime – you’ve gotta be prepared!

Maybe someone’s got a great playlist, someone else has a bottle or two…

Don’t be the only person who doesn’t contribute something to the proceedings!

With this classic keychain, you’ll always have a shot glass on hand. Simply unclip the chunky disc, remove the lid piece and you’ve got a telescoping little 2 ounce beverage container made of stainless steel!

The cap for the cup features an etching of a nude pinup girl (all the R rated parts are covered) and the words BOTTOMS UP in an old-style font. It kinda looks like a stopwatch, too, if you miss those.

Carrying around a shot glass is ill-advised. Drinking straight from the bottle ain’t classy at all. When the answer to your problems looks this great, it’s such an easy decision to make!

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