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Furry Halter Top

Furry Halter Top

Okay, first of all – yes, really.

Second of all, imagine if there was an animal that looked like this. We’re thinking it wouldn’t be some small chinchilla thing but more like a massive water buffalo-sized, Where the While Things Are-type beast monster. Anyway, it’s not a real animal, so it doesn’t really matter, but that shouldn’t stop you from pretending it’s a real animal when you wear this top…

That’s right, a fearsome blue and black and white furred creature is out there and it’s powerful as fuck. You can channel it every time you wear this furry top!

Made from vegan materials, you’ll also get to rock this style 100% guilt-free. The top has an open back with ties at the neck and ties at the waist, which is slightly cropped to reveal a bit of midriff, 90’s style!

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