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Learn Spanish with Rosetta Stone

Learn Spanish with Rosetta Stone

Ever get drunk and decide you should learn a foreign language?

Well, hang on. Give the idea a few seconds to sink in…

Speaking more than one language is almost like having a superpower. Society is built on language and if you only speak one then you pretty much only have one society open to you. But if you learn another language then it’s like the door to another world opens up for you!

Rosetta Stone has been making it easy to learn other languages for a long time and their kits are better than ever before. Each of these Power Packs includes five levels of learning software, a foreign-to-English Dictionary, foreign-to-English Grammar book and Foreign-to-English Phrase book. You’ll also be able to practice live online with a tutor and gain access to the Rosetta Stone online learning community.

The obviously have these kits for many languages but we chose Spanish in case Donald Trump does become President of the United State and you want to run away to Mexico before his wall goes up.

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