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It’s spikeball!

Like a distilled version of volleyball meets foursquare, spikeball is a highly portable game that’s easy to set up and play anywhere with a flat surface available.

A lot of you probably saw this product on Shark Tank.

We don’t watch that bullshit.

The reason we’re posting spikeball is a) it’s fun as fuck and b) it’s a real product that got made and anyone can buy it right here and right now. (Ideas are stupid, in other words.)

Here’s how spikeball works:

Take two-on-two volleyball.

Now take the net and put it on the ground. Instead of hitting the ball over the net, you have to hit the ballĀ off the net. When one team bounces the game ball off the net, the other team has three “volleys” (hands touching the ball, basically) to bounce the ball back off the net to the other team.

Get it?

It’s super fun and you can take it just about anywhere you and your friends will be hanging out!

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