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Faux Denim Pajama Pants

Faux Denim Pajama Pants

This might look like a pair of trendy-in-the-2000s blue jeans but really its some of the most comfortable pajama pants on the market today, cleverly disguised!

Think about how much you enjoy spending a day off at home, wearing shitty old jeans and not caring about how you look. Okay, now imagine doing that except while wearing pajama pants so it’s even more relaxing.

Yeah, that’s the opportunity on the table right now. Except it’s even better than that because if you have to answer the door for pizza delivery or even run down to the gas station for some beer then you won’t actually look like the lazy bum you’re being because everyone will think you’ve got on a sweet pair of old jeans!

This is probably already a huge thing in Japan. They got people who live their whole lives in Internet cafes over there…

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