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Pie Soda

Pie Soda

That saying “if you could put it in a bottle and sell it, you’d be reach” has always been pretty weird.

Uh, nobody would buy Good Sex in a Bottle, dude. That sounds horrendous.

However, it does appear that someone has found a way to bottle something that you’d think shouldn’t be bottled and it looks really good.

Pie in a Bottle.

That’s not what they’re calling it because it’s not literally pie. They’re calling it a line of pie sodas. But we know Pie in a Bottle when we see it.

The flavor is where it’s at and they’ve already got six of them here. That Key Lime Pie looks like it’s gotta be the most interesting one but it could also be one of the “& Cream” numbers. Those are always good pies so they should make good drinks!

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