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Unicorns Are Jerks – A Coloring Book

Unicorns Are Jerks coloring book

Unicorns ARE jerks!

Think about it.

Have you seen Mean Girls?

Okay, those were some pretty ruthless bitches in that movie, right?

Right. Now imagine if those mean popular girls were literally mythological creatures. And they knew it. And they were going to dressage school (or whatever the fuck it’s called) with a bunch of regular-ass horses.


Take a peek inside the kind of world that would be with Unicorns Are Jerks, a coloring book claiming to expose “the cold, hard, sparkly truth” about unicorns and their jerk-iness!

All the pages of the book are only printed on one side, so you don’t have to choose a favorite illustration to display when showing off your coloring skills on the fridge!

Unicorns Are Jerks was created by Theo Nicole Lorenz, creator of such esteemed coloring books as Dinosaurs with Jobs, Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace and The Robots Guide to Love.

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