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Binge Watching Beer Mug

Binge Watching Beer Mug

On one hand it’s maybe the single greatest episode of television you’ve ever seen but on the other hand that beer isn’t gonna drink itself…

No longer a problem!

This beer mug has a perfectly slanted far side for you to keep your eyes on the TV action, even while draining the last of your delicious beer.

We live in the golden age of television, people! HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Netflix are making amazing shows – it’s true.

However, it’s also unfortunately true that we live in the age of social media. Everyone else is watching your favorite shows too and spoilers are all over the place. You can’t afford to watch it later, you can’t even afford to back it up and watch a part again because when you check your phone during the next boring part – spoilers!

Don’t let yourself fall even a second behind the crowd .This mug meets the new performance viewer’s needs!

You might want to take this thing through a few practice run when it shows up, by the way. Don’t go into battle with an untested weapon…

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