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Xenomorph Mug

Xenomorph Mug

Prometheus brought the Alien franchise from whatever Space Hell it was living in back to the realm of amazing sci-fi/horror cinema and we’re so into it!

For literal years, a new Alien movie was worthy of pretty much nothing but groans. That all changed and, let’s be honest, we have Michael Fassbender to thank for it. Okay, whatever, there are other reasons that Prometheus upped the ante big-time on the franchise but we’re choosing to give Michael all the credit. Plus he’s in the new one, so if we believe hard enough that he’s the magic ingredient then the chances of the new movie being great are better, right?

Anyway, xenomorphs!

Easily one of the top five terrifying creations in cinema, the xenomorph is back and badder than every, doing its whole “kill the humans in space” thing. You can ponder that and other mysteries of life while sipping coffee from your new mug at work. You can even fantasize about who would die first if a xenomorph came to the office!

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