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Flavored Coffee Lip Pouches

Flavored Coffee Lip Pouches

At first, this seemed like an unnecessarily disgusting solution to a problem that nobody has. Namely, how can we make coffee consumption less like drinking something from a cup and more like packing a wad of tobacco in your lip?

Then we realized you don’t have to spit out coffee to keep from becoming physically ill, which means using this product doesn’t necessitate walking around with a horrible cup full of awful awfulness like people who use chewing tobacco.

So, yeah, this is actually a good product that totally makes sense for a lot of activities. Caffeine is present in a lot of pre-workout potions, for obvious reasons. So, say you’re in a baseball game or something and can’t have a cup of cold brew with you at second base. Pack a lip with a Grinds coffee pouch and you’re good to go!

We like mocha but there are a bunch of other flavors, too – check ’em out!

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