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Liquor Log Booze Dispenser

Liquor Log Booze Dispenser

Step away from the log, lady!

That’s no ordinary log – it dispenses a most valuable sap: booze!

Or, well, okay, you could use it for non-alcoholic beverages, too, but let’s be real… Nobody’s buying this to drink water that’s been poured out of a log. Your liquid never actually comes into contact with the wood, as it runs between the bottle and the spout through PVC pipe, but even just the image of wood calls to mind distinguished liquors like bourbon and scotch.

Each liquor log is handmade from real wood with a waterborn clear finish and comes about 8″ tall, weighing around five pounds. That’s a sturdy piece of finery to add a touch of nature to your watering post. Each unit ships with the wooden handle shown here, as well as a metal alternative.


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