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Highly Reflective Sequin Shirt

Highly Reflective Sequin Shirt

Disco never actually sucked.

That was just a myth perpetuated by meatheads and burnouts in The ’70s who didn’t know how to dance or couldn’t loosen up enough to enjoy themselves in a dance club.

Sucks for them. But don’t waste any time worrying about them because the beat goes on and the party waits for no one!

Trying to make a scene on the dance floor tonight? Well, this shirt won’t magically give you any new skills or anything but if that club has lights or lasers and you get all up in ’em, you’ll be seen. That’s for sure.

This shirt is covered in highly reflective sequined panels, so it’s pretty much like wearing a disco ball. We don’t even know what would happen if someone shined a spotlight on this thing. It’s that shiny!

Deck yourself out and bust a move!

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