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Worst Prank Card Ever

Worst Prank Card Ever

All other prank gift cards can pack up and go home.

The game has been won, for real.

There are so many types of prank card out there. You’ve got the audio card that plays a message and won’t stop playing it until the device is entirely destroyed. You’ve got the gift card with embarrassingly sexual themes. Then there’s always the classic move of filling the envelope with glitter so the person dumps it all over themselves when they pull the card out.

Here’s the thing: this prank gift card has all of those things packed into one card!

As with most gag gift cards, the front looks casual. But as soon as the recipient opens the card itself, the player will begin broadcasting the sound of a woman having what sounds a lot like a bunch of orgasms. If the button is pressed again in an attempt to shut off the sounds, they get louder.

Those sounds will play until the battery dies or the speaker is destroyed. So they’ll probably try to tear it up, in which case glitter dicks will fall out all over the place.

Genius, right?

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