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Thug Life Floral Tote

Thug Life Floral Tote

Listen, if y’all don’t know drunkMall is about that Thug Life by now? Then you must not be payin’ attention, beeeeyetch! I SAID BIIIII-

Or maybe this is your first time here. You know what, it probably is. We shouldn’t even assume like that. Or, like, if you have been here before then you must have just missed the posts where we talk about Thug Life.

Oh, no… Hopefully you don’t have some sort of attention deficit thing? God, that is so insensitive of us… We really try to be considerate but sometimes we slip right back into those normative, ableist, patriarchal thought cycles, you know?

OMG, where did you get that tote, it’s amaze!

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