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Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Alright, you salty dawgs, listen up.

Yeah, that tequila’s going down real smooth today.

But let’s be honest, you’re getting salt all over the place!

The ritual probably helped you get into drinking tequila back when you were still in college (okay, high school) but, come on, you’re all grown up now. You can stop licking your wrist and pouring salt on yourself when you want to catch a buzz on a Tuesday night at home. It’s a little weird.

Still want the salt flavor in your shot?

Here’s a little of that pink Himalayan salt formed into shot glasses specifically made for drinking tequila!

They’re standard shot sized containers, naturally resistant to bacteria growth and ready to be used for sipping or slamming tequila. Obviously this will add some salt flavor to your shot, so if you like that in other spirits then it works the same for anything.

Wipe clean and store in a dry place after use!

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