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Skull and Spine Beer Bong

Skull and Spine Beer Bong

The head bone’s connected to the… beer bone!

Alright, the song needs some work but what’s not to love about this bone-tastic beer bong?

We’re picking up some serious Dothraki meets Vlad the Impaler’s hard partying teenage nephew vibes from this thing.

Everyone’s familiar with the basic premise of a beer bong. You don’t exactly need to be an Engineering major to build your own, even. You take a funnel and a tube and throw a watertight connection into the mix and you’ve designed yourself a garden variety rapid inebriation device…

You can’t walk into a hardware store with $10 and come back out with something looking this though!

The “funnel” of this beer bong is a replica of a human skull with top cut off. (Kinda like the monkey brains scene from Temple of Doom.) Then they went and made the hose look like a spinal column!

All in all, this is the beer bong that deserves a place at Halloween parties – accept no substitutes!

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