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Penis Straws

Penis Straws

Sip on a dick!

Penis straws represent the latest in phallic drinking technology. These are cutting edge cock straws, ladies and gentlemen! You won’t find a finer dick and balls drinking straw in all the land.

Shoutout to bachelorette parties for giving scientists and marketers a reason to come together and create such a wonderful product. Ladies, y’all perverted and crazy – but you know it and you flaunt it and it’s totally working for you!

Yes, penis straws are great for bachelorette parties but there are SO MANY other suitable occasions besides a group of gal pals getting together to suck on a pack of peckers. At less than $1 per straw, it would be ridiculous to not stock up on dozens of these penis straws so you’ll always have a dependable dick to put between your lips when you want one!

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