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Vintage Boyz II Men Shirt

Vintage Boyz II Men Shirt

Seems like people wanna try and forget about Boyz II Men or some shit these days.

Which is pure foolishness because half the people reading this wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for B2M. Just look at your fucking dad. You think he was smooth enough to pull a dime piece like your mom all on his own? Yeah, he might seem like a cool dude now that he’s grown confident with age – but back in the day?

Here’s how that shit most likely went down. Your dad listened to a Boyz II Men mix about three times for inspiration on how to talk to a fine ass woman, finally worked up the nuts to hit up your mom and managed to set up a hang where they probably listened to that same ass B2M mix while making the biggest mistake of their lives a.k.a. you.

Anyway, here’s a sick Boyz II Men shirt that costs over $200.

Yeah, that’s a lot of money but it’s vintage and you won’t find it anywhere else. Get down on bended knee and beg someone for the money if you don’t have it.

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