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Spicy South African Beef Jerky

Spicy South African Beef Jerky

You only live once. Probably. Ok, maybe you’re a wizard or an alchemist and you’re going to live a hundred times, whatever. The point is that you’re alive on this planet right now and there are thousands of things you’ve never tried. Doesn’t that drive you crazy?

Unless you’ve been to South Africa or are good friends with someone from there, chances are good that you’ve never heard of biltong, the native style of making beef jerky. We had a bag of this stuff and, whatever they do different with their jerky in S. Africa is working because it’s absolutely delicious.

As soon as we opened the bag, it was obvious that this was unlike any jerky we’ve had before. The smell is unique, peppery with a hint of vinegar. As lovers of all things spicy and flavorful, this was welcome to our senses. The taste delivers. The meat is tender. Fans of meat snacks are encouraged to give it a try.


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