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Condom Cookbook

Condom Cookbook

If anyone knows anything about this or can read Japanese, feel free to leave info in the comments because the existence of this cookbook is nothing but a crazy mystery on this end.

Plugging the description in to Google Translate doesn’t really help, either. All you get is some jumbled nonsense that makes it seem┬álike this is either a combination cookbook/grimoire designed to help you create meals that will magically get you a boyfriend or, and this one’s more likely, a cookbook of recipes to make with (possibly used) condoms.

Now, you might think that’s too insane to be a real thing but don’t forget about the Natural Harvest cookbook and Semenology cocktail recipes, which feature cum as an ingredient in every creation.

So, yeah, ultimately, we can’t really say what this book is or why it exists but just look at that cover! It’s sure to be a hit on many coffee tables across America.

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