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Classic Run DMC Shirt

Classic Run DMC Shirt

It’s like that and that’s the way it is!

Because the Run DMC logo is one of those things that’s been copied to death over the years, it’s worth reminding everyone that it’s more than a logo.

Honestly, as far as logos go, it isn’t even close to the top ten of all time but we can get into that another time. The reason the logo is seen as dope is because it stood for something that was extremely dope, the groundbreaking and influential music of Run DMC.

These dudes broke down barriers in the entertainment industry that people today will never understand. You can read about all of that in the history books if you want (and you should) but we bring it up to say that this particular shirt design is our favorite Run DMC shirt – and it’s because of the reflective sunglasses.

Shades like these were frequently worn by these kings of rock as they broke down their unique perspective on life and America through their rhymes. These reflective lenses are a symbol of that point of view.

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