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Bluetooth Car Upgrade

Bluetooth Car Upgrade

Many new cars have bluetooth technology factory installed to make it easy for you to control the music, get GPS-sourced directions and take phone calls – all hands-free!

It’s pretty amazing, if you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing it for yourself.

And if you’re a driver who hasn’t had that luxury, then that’s probably because you can’t afford a new vehicle. That’s completely understandable.

But check it out: you don’t have to buy a new car just to take advantage of these modern technologies!

For a very affordable price, you can pick up one of these upgrade kits and bring full bluetooth functionality to your drive time.

Fix the mic and control unit to your dashboard and plug the audio jack into your car’s AUX IN – if you don’t have one of these by now then you need to get your life together – and you’re ready to go!

With two USB ports, you can also charge your phone while using it with the unit!

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