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Drunk Giraffe Wine Holder

Drunk Giraffe Wine Holder

Here’s a wine holder for the drunk giraffe in us all!


Not that we’ve ever seen a drunk giraffe.

But if a giraffe did get drunk then it would be a pure shitshow. That high center of gravity and those gangly legs. Nothing but bad news when you add alcohol to a creature like that.

You know, kinda like a person with a bottle of wine inside of them?

So here’s a wine holder that looks like a greedy, alcoholic giraffe got its hooves on your favorite bottle of wine, ran off with it and rolled over onto its back to guzzle it down! But it’s more than just a cute/funny thing to put in your kitchen. Storing one bottle of wine can be a pain in the ass.

If you’ve got a wine cellar, hey, congratulations on being rich. But if you’re just keeping a bottle around, well, that can be annoying. Everyone knows a bottle of wine should be stored on its side to keep the cork from drying out (even though you’re probably going to be drinking your one bottle of wine way before that would ever happen).

So, what?

You’re supposed to just leave a bottle of wine on its side to roll all over the countertop and possibly fall to the ground to break everywhere?


Get a bottle holder!

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