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Alcohol Vaporizer

Alcohol Vaporizer

Yo, if you aren’t vapin’ your booze by now then you’re dangerously close to being unhip, bro!

Oh, you didn’t even know that #VapeLife had branched out to the alcohol department?!

Now you know!

And let that be a lesson to you, too, Brosephine. If you can imagine a way to get alcohol inside a human body, a human has done it or certainly will do it. No question.

So, how does vaping liquor work? Well, it’s a way different experience. First, obviously, you’re inhaling vapor instead of drinking anything. Because of that, the alcohol content of each “vapshot” is much lower than a liquid shot but the intoxicating effects come on pretty much immediately and last only about 15 minutes before going away, as you don’t have liquid alcohol marinating your insides.

When the buzz goes away after 15 minutes, you can just do another vapshot. It’s… different. Some people will like it more than drinking and some won’t but there’s only one way to find out: give it a try!

You can get Vapshot machines for home use or commercial use through this link below. They’re pretty expensive, duh.

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