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Pillow for Your Boobs

Pillow for Your Boobs

Get you a titty pillow!

Everyone thinks it’s all fun and games and Instagram likes when you’ve got a huge rack but turns out there are some downsides.

In addition to middle-aged dudes with sports cars thinking they’ve got like a 95% with you, there’s finding the right bras, a higher likelihood of developing chronic back pain in later life and, honestly, sometimes you just can’t get comfortable to fall asleep…

Side sleepers, let’s talk. We all do that thing where we¬†decide we’re gonna sleep on our backs. Like, we think we can train our bodies to do it by wasting an hour every night laying there on your back. You get real tired, sure. And then you end up rolling over on to your side like you wanted to from the beginning and going the hell to sleep.

Embrace it!

Sleep on your side!

Just grab one of these breast pillows to throw in between the girls and you’re good to get that beauty rest!

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