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Wizard of Oz Sticky Notes

Wizard of Oz Sticky Notes

So it happened again.

You got all the way home from the store before remembering that you forgot to pick up a heart… or a brain… or courage…

Whatever you forgot, the only way to get it now is to head back out on that yellow brick road and get the damn thing.

You know what you should have done?

Should have left a note!

Maybe you’d remember to leave a note more often if you had some awesome Wizard of Oz sticky notes in various sizes and designs!

There’s a large pink pad formatted for taking down phone messages. (You’ll need to come up with your own code to get real use from pre-written categories like “feed the monkeys.”)

Then, you’ve got a Post-It sized pad with Dorothy and the Emerald City in the background – and plenty of blank space for short lists. Finally, three small pads for each one of your favorite needy trio of travelers…

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