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Cool Watch

Cool Watch

60 LED lights in one wristwatch?

This is what happens when the sci fi fans grow up to become watchmakers, isn’t it?

Looks pretty amazing though, gotta admit!

This watch is entirely black without the face lit up, so it’s not like you have to dress in aluminum foil and really commit to the “future” aesthetic.

But when you press the button on the side, all those retro-sci fi effects light up the watch dial to indicate the time!

Hit up the link for more examples of the possible display effects. The watch has 6 different modes to choose from, featuring wildly different colors than the ones shown here.

One option displays a rainbow spectrum and we particularly like the Crazy Sunset option, which uses a lot of magenta!

The watch is powered by rechargeable battery. It charges via USB and most people can go a whole week on a charge. (Maybe not the first week when you can’t stop playing with it…)

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