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Towelie Backpack

Towelie Backpack

Never leave home without your towel.

Is it possible that Douglas Adams, when he gave that advice through a character in his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, was predicting the existence of Towelie?

Of course it’s possible!

If you think it’s crazy then you’re probably just not high enough, brah… Do it the Towelie way and pack a bowl until everything starts to make sense again.

This Towelie backpack is everything a South Park fan would want in a piece of functional swag from the show. These are VERY limited edition and will not be made again once it’s sold out, so do not wait to buy this if you like it. The fabric is terry cloth, as you’d expect from a towel and the inside of the bag is printed with a cool design showing Towelie doing different things and a bunch of pot leaves!

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