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Santa Hat with Hidden Flask

Santa Hat with Hidden Flask

Now that’s Christmas spirits!

Everyone remembers that Santa’s Stocking flask that went viral last year, sold out everywhere and then you couldn’t get it for less than $80 anywhere online, right?

Okay, well this hat could be this year’s that.

One could even make the argument that this hat is superior to the hanging flask.

It’s portable, first of all. That means you don’t have to go anywhere to level up that egg nog. Just reach up and spike your cup!

The fact that it’s wearable means you really don’t have to share, too. On a holiday like Christmas, when it’s all about “to give is better than to receive” and all that other bullshit, being selfish is its own reward, really.

The flask pouch is removable for easy filling and cleaning. It holds 10oz of liquid.

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