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Corona Cooler

Corona Cooler

Keep cans of Corona in a giant can of Corona!

It’s a mini-fridge mas fina!

Weighing just ten pounds, this is one very portable fridge. It even has a convenient carrying handle on top disguised as the tab on the top of the can. (Don’t worry – lifting it won’t pop open the top of the fridge or anything.)

You won’t be supplying a full party with brews from this thing but it does hold a full 12 pack of cans. So if you’re headed over to a friend’s house for a movie marathon or something and you don’t want to get up for new beers every few minutes but there’s an outlet right by where you always sit – this thing is perfect!

There’s even a little extra room on that shelf for a key lime or two, so feel free to get fancy with it.

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