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Whiskey Barrel-Aged Coffee Beans

Whiskey Barrel-Aged Coffee Beans

It’s nice when we can bring a touch of refinement to drunkMall. Really, it would happen more often if we didn’t have a crippling phobia of suspenders, condescension and ridiculous mustaches…

But that has nothing to do with today’s wonderful find!

Studies have shown that some people like coffee and some people like whiskey and there are even some people who like both. Studies rock and there should be more of them about whiskey and we should get paid to be in them, right?

Studies have also shown that putting whiskey in coffee leads to drunk-at-work-itis, which isn’t often a great idea. (Unless you work at drunkMall, which you don’t. Beer bongs and one-hitters are allowed in the drunkMall offices, but you have to do both at once.)

So, for all of you who find yourselves drinking that morning cup of coffee, wishing it had a little extra somethin’ somethin’ – this is the closest thing to the hair of the dog that we recommend.

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