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Faded NASA T-Shirt

Faded NASA T-Shirt

If you’ve got the right look, pretending to work for NASA is pretty easy to pull off when you’re at a bar where nobody knows you. Do with that information what you will. Just sayin’.

NASA put humans on the moon using less computing technology than we currently have in our video games. That’s only a thing we heard someone say once, so it might not be true but it seems like it probably is. Anyway, a lot of people still think that’s one of the coolest things humans have done and they may or may not be inclined to buy a NASA employee a drink or two. Just sayin’.

Whatever your motives, we’re all pretty much in agreement that vintage t-shirts look a lot cooler than brand new tees. So grab one of these retro NASA shirts and enjoy the rest of your trip through time and space!

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