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Burger Lift

Burger Lift

The reason that a perfect burger is so hard to find is because the format is in and of itself a contradiction.

What you’re looking for on the inside of a good cheeseburger is moisture. You want a juicy, greasy bun. If you get down with lettuce and tomato and pickle then those need to be crisp and wet. That cheese needs to be perfectly melted. Then there’s whatever condiments you may choose to employ up inside that bitch.

But here’s the problem: bread.

You don’t want that bread to be soggy. You may or may not like it a little toasted, a little crispy. But one thing you don’t want on your burger is a soggy bun.

That’s where the burger lift comes into play. The burger lift is a small plastic platform for your finished cheeseburger to rest on and stay dry, above the collected drippings that gather on the serving platter below!

You could even use the burger lift to get especially messy burgers up to your mouth and sort of slide it off the edge a little to take your bites…

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