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“Unknown Pressures” Kaiju Division hoodie

“Unknown Pressures” Kaiju Division hoodie

Listen, we’re not sorry at all for that Engrish joke in the title. We’d do it all again. We’ll do it every single time. It’s hilarious. We don’t care. If you want to get pissed off at someone, is still a (wonderful and amazing) website. Go yell at them.

Now, where do we start with this masterpiece? Just when we thought it was safe to swear to never again feature an Unknown Pleasures parody…

Kaiju is the genre of film where Godzilla movies live. We. Fucking. Love. Godzilla movies. Not even joking. Our idea of a great weekend is 3 days worth of takeout in the fridge, zero human interaction and a steady marathon of classic Godzilla films.

This hoodie is everything

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