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Vampire Unicorn Blanket

Vampire Unicorn Blanket

Not all unicorns are perfectly white and symbolic of peace and innocence, you know.

Some of ’em are downright wicked fuckers, they are!

Take this lesser-known vampiric subspecies of unicorn.

Purple coat, dark mane, pink eyes and menacing bat-like wings…

You wouldn’t want to see this thing coming your way through the woods at night!

Oh, and did we forget to mention that it’s a vampire?

It is.

Don’t worry, it might not want to eat you.

Because this evil nightmare unicorn mostly seems to enjoy sucking the light and life out of rainbows. Yes, that’s right, rainbows.

It’s awful, really, because rainbows are totally helpless against this malicious predator.

If all of this brings you a twisted sort of happiness, you’ll be glad to know that you can acquire this horrid scene on a throw blanket through the link below. It’s sold through Society 6, so you can also get it on coffee mugs and art prints and other things like that.

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