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Brad and Angelina Masks

Creepy Brangelina Masks

For one magical night in October, it can be as though all is well in Tinseltown!

Hollywood’s mega-couple reunites in a pair of Halloween masks.

But if there’s one thing we’ve learned from our October reading (*cough* The Monkey’s Paw *cough*), it’s that some things left for dead are better kept buried.

Everyone who saw drunkMall’s Killer Halloween Costumes post knows the big decision to make for the masquerade is will you go “sexy” or will you go “scary” with the theme of your getup?

These masks make that choice unnecessary!

Take two of the most undeniably gorgeous people on the planet, print out their faces on paper, cut out the eyes and what do you have?

Something quite creepy, it turns out!

Sure you could probably make your own versions of these masks at home but, come on, they already look like something an actual serial killer would wear. Whatever comes out of your printer at home might actually give someone a heart attack….


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