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drunkMall’s ULTIMATE Dirty Santa and Stocking Stuffer Gift Guides for Christmas 2015

drunkMall’s ULTIMATE Dirty Santa and Stocking Stuffer Gift Guides for Christmas 2015

The little things mean a lot on Christmas morning. You can spend $500+ on a huge present for someone (something from our Blackout Friday countdown, perhaps?) and end up getting a bigger reaction out of the hilarious stocking stuffer that cost $20. But it has to be really unique and original!

Y’all were starting to worry you’d actually have to put forth some effort to find the good shit this year, huh?

Nah, we got you!

We had a plan this whole time but surprises are more fun so we like to unleash this awesome sauce all over your faces outta nowhere…


There is an art & science to choosing Dirty Santa gifts. Obviously, you want to pick something that’s kind of weird or funny or even totally awful. But here’s the catch: you have to pick something that at least a couple of (weird) people at the party will want to have.

That way you get to see their hopes crushed when someone takes the gift away from them. It’s the true spirit of the Christmas season.

We’ve gone back and put together a group of #DirtySanta gifts that meet drunkMall standards for the game. We’ll keep adding items as they get posted – so sign up for drunkMail to keep up with everything! (You might even win something out of it.)

Most Dirty Santa products will be real cheap but there’s a couple $50+ items for you rich assholes out there: drunkMall’s ULTIMATE Dirty Santa Gift Guide 2015


Now, we also recognize that some of you have families that do not party and are actually pretty lame. It’s not your fault. Or, well, shit, we don’t know – maybe it is your fault….

Regardless, we’ve put together a totally separate list of items for those of you who just need help filling up a stocking or two or twelve. These gifts are tamer then the Dirty Santa list but the items are still totally cool and, again, mostly pretty cheap: drunkMall’s ULTIMATE Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide 2015

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