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Elephant Drain Container

Elephant Drain Container

This elephant never forgets to keep water from collecting at the bottom of its body!

Many homes have little containers by some, if not all, the sinks in the place. A little cup by the bathroom sinks to keep toothpaste and toothbrushes… Another little cup by the kitchen sink for holding silverware that’s only been “lightly” used… These are common items.

Unless you’ve got a maid or live with a very clean person, chances are good that the bottom of that container is nastier than you’ve thought about in a long time. The things being put in those cups are often wet when placed there. That water drips down, collects in the bottom of the container and, well, everyone knows what stagnant moisture leads to, right? It can get bad. Like, seriously bad.

This cute little elephant cup keeps that from happening with a little drain spout in the trunk!

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