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Twenty Five Pounds of Skittles

Twenty Five Pounds of Skittles

Taste the rainbow again and again with twenty five pounds of Skittles!

What if a nuclear apocalypse happens and Skittles stop being made?

That’s a totally valid concern! Stock up now!

Need ammo for a Skittles battle with the roommates?

Buy some goggles and prepare for action!

Having a Skittle-infused Vodka party?

You’re gonna need more vodka to use all these Skittles up!

Look, you don’t even have to have a good reason to buy 25 pounds of candy online. We don’t care. You’re an adult and you work for your money – spend it however you like.

If you do decide to pull the trigger on this Skittles payload though, make sure you’re fully prepared: half the reviews are from people saying it was actually 40 pounds of Skittles that showed up at their door!

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