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Shark and Mermaid Blankets

Shark and Mermaid Blankets

There are two types of people in this world and today we’ve got a blanket for each of them!

You got your shark people. You got your mermaid people.

It’s that simple.

Some people have both a shark person and a mermaid person inside of them. Those people are crazy. It’s fine. Blankets for everyone. No discrimination.

Shark people, your blanket looks like a shark. Actually these aren’t really blankets. They’re more like sleeping bags without the padding. Anyway, the shark blanket has a big open mouth on one end and you’re gonna want to just slide your body on in there to get snug and comfortable. It’ll look like the shark is eating you. The teeth are soft. It’s fine.

Mermaid folk (merfolk?), your blanket is just a tail. It’s fine. The upper part of your body will remain human and the lower part of your body inside the blanket will look like a big fish tail. You know, like a mermaid.

If you’re one of the crazy mermaid/shark people, feel free to get both blankets. When you figure out how to use them both at once, send us a photo.

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