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Vampire Couple Salt and Pepper Shakers

Vampire Couple Salt and Pepper Shakers

Don’t be scared to reach for the spices – they don’t bite!

Give your dinner a vampire’s kiss of salt or pepper with these wickedly cute table shakers!

The shaker set is truly adorable. One shaker leans in to kiss the other on the neck. Both of the figures are vampires, which is extra sweet because usually vampires have to live forever all alone and that’s sad.

Not these lovebats!

The couple will stay together on your table or countertop thanks to the power of magnetism. (Not, like, animal magnetism. There’s literally a magnet in the middle of the kissing vampire’s face. So they’re pretty much meant to stay posed as you see in the photo.)

Standing around 4 inches tall, it’s just a little something to bring a bit of darkly sweet romance to your home!

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