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A Human Soul

A Human Soul

That’s right, wicked drunk shoppers!

It’s come to this…

Souls for sale and anyone can buy them!

Great news for anyone who’s ever signed their soul away in a deal at the crossroads. It may not be exactly the same as the one you got rid of but, hey, any soul is better than no soul!

And as for playing the Blues?

Forget about it, baby!

Everyone knows you need soul to play those hot licks! This soul could be just the thing…

What does a soul look like, you ask?

Pretty much exactly like you’d expect – nothing!

But don’t worry about getting ripped off. Each soul comes with paperwork and instructions for use. Souls are sold at random. drunkMall is not responsible for the nature of any soul purchased by you.

Sorry, gingers – you don’t get a special discount!

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