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Buseyisms 2016 Calendar

Buseyisms 2016 Calendar

A lot of people think Gary Busey is crazy.

Well, if Busey is bananas then maybe we should all aspire to be out of our minds because Gary Busey seems like he’s having an amazing time with being alive.

Consider this: if you had the choice of being Deepak Chopra for a year or Gary Busey for a year, which one would you choose?

If you chose G Daddy B, then we have found the perfect calendar for you, friend. Called Buseyisms: Words to Live By, each month features a simple word, reworked into a clever abbreviation that only Gary Busey could come up with.

For example, Gary’s take on the word “FUN” is “Finally Understanding Nothing.”

Each page also has a quote, like: “When your mind is clear with nothing to understand, then everything you see and hear will be FUN.”

We found this while looking for a calendar with photos of Gary Busey but there’s honestly more Gary on these pages than there would have been even on a calendar like that.

(Still, though. If anyone finds a calendar of Busey pics, please send us a link.)

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