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Solar-Powered Double Rainbow Gadget

Solar-Powered Double Rainbow Gadget

Everyone knows how exciting double rainbows are, right?! They’re SO intense! Whoa my god! What does it mean?!

Okay, okay, this device won’t make the same kind of double rainbows that we all saw in the guy’s video. But it is still very intense and will bring much magical light into your life. Who needs a significant other? Boom! Singles Awareness Day countdown, y’all!

Ladies, unlike some of your best friends, this device does not require batteries.┬áIt’s solar-powered, so you never even have to take it on a maintenance date to dinner or a movie. You can talk to it if you want but that won’t make it work any better, so it’s totally unnecessary.

Two prisms catch sunrays and disperse rainbows all around the room as they spin in circles from the turning of the solar-powered gears! Brighten up your days with the magical power of rainbows!

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