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Disney Flats

Disney Flats

When you wish upon a star for some flats that are actually interesting, sometimes the star hears you and grants your wish!

Shoe brands always treat flats like an afterthought.

They’re one of the most comfortable shoes but lame designers don’t see a lot to work with so you’re typically looking at boring options.

Irregular Choice is a well-named label. They’re anything but typical and their new line of Disney-inspired shoes are one-of-a-kind!

Some of your favorite Disney characters are all over these flats and not just some basic character image. The tops (the part everyone sees) all work the character into a physical alteration of a standard flat form. Mickey and Minnie have heads on top of their flats, Pluto’s body extends beyond the border of the flat opening, etc.

You’ll also find lovely illustrations on the soles of each design!

(They have high heel versions, too.)

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