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Nightmare Before Christmas Cardigan

Nightmare Before Christmas Cardigan

Stay warm out there, Halloween Town!

Take a classic Fair Isle style cardigan, give it The Nightmare Before Christmas treatment and you get this magnificent black and white sweater that’s perfect for fall! The Nightmare Before Christmas sweater features suitable designs in row above row – gravestones, snowflakes, flying bats monster faces – with a large row of Jack Skellington faces rounding out the middle!

As we finish up November, there couldn’t be a better time to get your hands on this sweater. Halloween, sadly, is nearly another full year away. The nightmare that comes with every Christmas has already begun, of course. But the second that clock hits 12:01am on Dec. 1st it is truly The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Though Blackout Friday may have already come and gone by the time you read this, you can still check out all the fantastic items (of which this is one) that we found for our Blackout Friday Countdown!

[Of course, if this isn’t your style then you may want to see drunkMall’s Not So Ugly Christmas Sweater gift guide for some more options that are out there!]

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