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Grilled Cheesus sandwich press

Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press

A perfect grilled cheese sandwich is a truly miraculous thing. When the magical cheese/bread combination is found – holy deliciousness!

Though, that still doesn’t really explain why someone would go through the trouble of creating a sandwich press that toasts the face of Jesus Christ onto every sandwich it heats.

For that, we’ve got to look back all the way to the early days of The Internet, which were also the glory days of checkout lane tabloid magazines. Society was like a kid at a magic show and all some moron had to do to receive global press was say they saw the face of Jesus in their funnel cake and a bunch of even dumber morons would freak out over it! Naturally, the not-as-dumb-but-still-pretty-dumb morons caught on to this very quickly and it pretty much happened every other week or so until everyone become disillusioned with everything and that’s how the world got to be the way it is now. The end.

Oh, yeah, Jesus sandwiches!

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