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Gayzilla T-Shirt

Gayzilla T-Shirt

Uh, oh!

Looks like a big ol’ nuclear radiation dinosaur monster is headed to a densely populated metropolis again! Only this time, it ain’t comin’ to breathe fire and destroy buildings. This time it’s coming to shower everything in its path with gay love! (You can tell it’s gay because of the rainbow.)

Who is this massive homosexual lizard monster?!

You guessed it: Gayzilla!

drunkMall has an enormous thing for Godzilla, in case you aren’t aware. We’re also big fans of the LGBTQs. (They make less people than the straights. Less people is good.) So this fabulous shirt is like a marriage – not a civil union – of two things we like a whole lot.

The Gayzilla shirt comes in many different colors, so hit up the link below to scope out all your options and pick the one you like best!

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